Percy is a cheeky but lovable puppy. He takes things he finds lying around and finds his own use for them. He’s a very practical little puppy.

Pedro is a wandering minstrel; he came to Ragdale village a few years ago and never left after falling in love with Phyllis, who is totally unaware of his feelings for her.

Paddy is fast-paced – he rushes around a lot except when he’s eavesdropping. (He is also known to be a bit of a gossip.)

Paxton is a very intellectual, clever fox. He knows something about everything and tries to educate everyone with his knowledge.

Penny Mouse and Poppy Rabbit are inseperable friends. They are very girly enjoying typically girly activities such as baking, dress-making, pampering and preening

Phyllis Lamb comes originally from Wales. She is a bit of a dreamer. She loves to be around nature and finds everyday things quite remarkable.

Pippa | Pretty Kitten Soft Toy from Ragtales Ltd

Pippa is fastidiously clean, always keeping herself clean and tidying up after everyone. She keeps a very clean home and always looks forward to catch-ups with Paddy Hare for the gossip.